EPD/EPA Regulations


Starting December 2020 Some

of the new regulations include:

  • Record keeping for each tank
  • Requirements for Suction Piping
  • Corrosion Protection Requirements
  • Requirements for Pressurized Piping

Fuel Sludge

Fuel Over Spill

Problem Overfill Unit

Contaminated Fuel VS. Clean Fuel

Sitting Fuel


Because of Covid-19 your fuel may have been sitting, or at least not being cycled through equipment nearly as much. This could lead to larger issues. Sitting diesel fuel, on top of constant temperature high's and lows's can cause accelerated degradation. Putting this fuel in your bus fleet can cause critical bus downs.

Fuel Separated With Biomass Contaminants

Replacing parts frequently


The most noticeable sign of issues with your fuel is the frequency in which injectors, filters and the fuel pump need to be replaced on buses. If you are constantly changing out one or more of these parts, the bigger problem may be your diesel fuel storage tank.

In-camera Inspection Results

See particles in fuel and on bottom of the tank